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Henry Howard wants to give San Francisco’s ex-convicts and homeless people a new chance at life by teaching them how to cook.  At a community barbecue Howard was approached by Pastor Erris Edgerly of Brothers For Change, who introduced the idea of teaching cooking classes. In June, Howard opened the Red Rose Culinary Art Academy to teach basic kitchen skills to members of those populations, many of whom are unemployed and seeking work.


Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice: "Red Rose Culinary Academy off to a delicious start"

The Red Rose Culinary Academy is an innovative program from Brothers for Change, Inc.  Led by head chef Henry Howard, the program is designed to enable formerly incarcerated individuals to engage in vocational and academic training in the food industry, which will eventually lead to sustainable employment. The 16-week culinary arts course prepares students with the skills necessary to enter the food industry workforce upon graduation.  


Since that time, Landry has become increasingly involved in his community. In 2000, he ran for Supervisor of District 5. He has been a member of the African American Community Police Relations Board for the past three years. And he works directly with Brothers for Change, a community organization that helps guide young men to make the right choices in life.